Julia Halina's Projects

WitchCraft Cocktails

Fire Lotus Creations

Come explore with me where the magical meets mixtures ~

WitchCraft Cocktails is an exploration of magically-inspired cocktails. Featuring regular blog recipes and video content on how to make WITCHcraft cocktails that celebrate everything from astrological signs, to the turn of the seasons, and more! Learn more at WitchCraft Cocktails.

Handmade, metaphysically-inspired wire wrapped pendants ~

Like many a witch, I like to engage my crafty side! Fire Lotus creations is where I create and post metaphysically-inspired pendants and other mystical finds and creations, as well as focus content on Energy Work & Healing. To connect the mundane to the spiritual, metaphysical, and magical. Learn more at Fire Lotus Creations.