Julia Halina Hadas

Author, Energy Worker, Magical Mixologist


WitchCraft Cocktails Available NOW

A stunning collection of 70 witchcraft-inspired drink recipes with inspiration for creating your very own spirited cocktails to benefit your practice.
For centuries, witches have been using spirits of all forms during rituals and celebrations. Now, today’s modern witch can learn how to make the perfect powerful witchcraft cocktail.
All you need is a delicious and easy recipe, a bottle of your favorite booze, and a desire to get witchy. Designed for healing, spells, offerings, and just plain fun, there’s nothing these boozy drinks can’t do! Need a love potion to help woo your lover? Maybe a tincture to heal a cold? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect witch-themed signature cocktail to serve at your next gathering. Regardless of what you’re looking for, this book has you covered and includes tips on how to use your witch’s brew to further your practice—and have fun!

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Julia Halina is an author, magical mixologist, energy worker, and avid jewelry maker. A witch of many years, her book WitchCraft Cocktails was born from her love of witchcraft empowerment and her time working as a craft cocktail bartender, manager, and working in a distillery. She is now a certified Crystal Healer, Blue Lotus & Blue Fire Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic practitioner/Andean Mesa Carrier, and offers energy work sessions and tarot readings, with the aim of liberation from one’s past and empowering the future. 



Come explore with me where the magical meets mixtures ~

WitchCraft Cocktails is an exploration of magically-inspired cocktails. Featuring regular blog recipes and video content on how to make WITCHcraft cocktails that celebrate everything from astrological signs, to the turn of the seasons, and more!

Handmade, metaphysically-inspired wire wrapped pendants ~

Like many a witch, I like to engage my crafty side! Fire Lotus creations is where I create and post metaphysically-inspired pendants and other mystical finds and creations, as well as focus content on Energy Work & Healing. To connect the mundane to the spiritual, metaphysical, and magical.