Bestselling author of WitchCraft Cocktails, as well as Moon, Magic, Mixology, The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology, and the forthcoming The Modern Witchcraft Book of Moon Magick, Julia Halina Hadas is the leading mixologist in the witchcraft and spiritual spheres. Combining her professions in the witchcraft, healing, and alcoholic spirits industries with the magical power of herbs, she crafts potent and delicious drinkable potions, and spells and rituals for healing and manifestation. She is a certified reiki, crystal, and energy worker, and often crafts healing crystal energy pendants at Fire Lotus Creations. You can learn more at her main blog, WitchcraftCocktails.com.

I’m available for workshops, talks, and collaborations. For mixology-related collabs, please visit www.WitchCraftCocktails.com.

Otherwise, please email me at: [email protected]