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Call down and drink the power of the cosmos with these moon-inspired drinks!

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For centuries, alcohol has been used to celebrate the moon and the moon’s phases. Now, modern moon lovers everywhere can learn how to make the perfect moon cocktail! All you need is a tried-and-true recipe, a bottle of your favorite booze, and a moonlit night.

In this lunar mixology book – Moon, Magic, Mixology – you’ll find 70 recipes for alcohol-based beverages that can be used to summon the moon for whatever you need. Each recipe is elevated by magical tools such as crystals, candles, herbs, aromatherapy, and meditations, helping you infuse magic into every drink. Whatever your moon magic desire, this book has you covered with full-color photos and tips on how to use your moon cocktails to enhance your connection with the moon.

From Lunar Love Spell Sangria to the Solar Eclipse Sour, 70 Celestial Drinks Infused with Cosmic Power 

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A gentle, dreamy look at “lunar libations” that leans into rituals and the astrological signs of the moon.” –

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