About Julia Halina Author, Crafty Witch, Magical Mixologist


Julia Halina is an author, magical mixologist, energy worker, and avid jewelry maker. A witch of many years, her book WitchCraft Cocktails was born from her love of witchcraft empowerment and her time working as a craft cocktail bartender, manager, and working in a distillery. She is now a certified Crystal Healer, Blue Lotus & Blue Fire Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic practitioner/Andean Mesa Carrier, and offers energy work sessions and tarot readings, with the aim of liberation from one’s past and empowering the future. Through her Etsy business, Fire Lotus Creations, she makes wire wrapped pendants inspired by her love of crystalline energy. And she maintains her love of magical mixology through her blog, WitchCraft Cocktails. In her sparse free-time, she enjoys being a vocalist.She holds a BA in Anthropology, with minors In English Literature and Public Policy.