WitchCraft Cocktails 70 Seasonal Drinks Infused with Magic & Ritual

A stunning collection of 70 witchcraft-inspired drink recipes with inspiration for creating your very own spirited cocktails to benefit your practice.
For centuries, witches have been using spirits of all forms during rituals and celebrations. Now, today’s modern witch can learn how to make the perfect powerful witchcraft cocktail.
All you need is a delicious and easy recipe, a bottle of your favorite booze, and a desire to get witchy. In WitchCraft Cocktails, you will find 70 recipes for alcohol-based beverages that are sure to help you in your craft. Designed for healing, spells, offerings, and just plain fun, there’s nothing these boozy drinks can’t do! Regardless of what you’re looking for, this book has you covered and includes tips on how to use your witch’s brew to further your practice—and have fun!

Read This Excerpt!

“Like many modern witchcraft practices, the celebration of magic and ritual with infused potables extends deep into human history. Open the cover of any introductory witchcraft book, and you’ll find steps to extract the essence of rose to create a magical water for beauty, or advice on what type of wine is best to leave as an offering for a deity. A witch might use alcohol to create tinctures to manifest good communication with loved ones, or aromatic mists to balance a chakra that has been blocked. And what’s a coven gathering without a seasonal libation?
“In WitchCraft Cocktails, these practices are given new life and a modern twist. You’ll learn how to imbue herbs, crystals, and other instruments of the ethereal realm with different alcohols and syrups for delicious drinks that heighten your spells—or work as complete spells. Draw power from astrological signs, planets, crystals, tarot cards, and special events linked to fall, winter, spring, and summer. Entice love and boldness with a Venus Spritzer, draw insights from philosophical Sagittarius with The Jasmine Archer, invite creativity with a Carnelian-infused Motivating Mocha, and more.
“Whether you are anointing a candle for financial prosperity or imbibing the energies of the moon for inner growth and transformation, there’s a corresponding cocktail to elevate your magical work.”